A.A. Solovev






  • 2006.2-2011.6         PhD, Leibnitz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research

  • 2003.9-2005.1         Master of Science, Technical University of Munich

  • 2011.7-2013.6         postdoc, Technical University of Munich

  • 2013.8-2015.12        postdoc, Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems

  • 2015.4-2015.8         postdoc, University of Toronto

  • 2017.3-2017.7         visiting scholar, Harvard University

  • 2015.9-                    professor, Fudan University


  • Microsystem and Lab-on-a-Chip

  • Materials in Life


  • man-made micro- and nanomotors

  • Microfluidic technology


  • “Dawn program” Award from Shanghai City

  • Meeting with Prime Minister of China as Internal Expert

  • Humboldt Feodor Lynen Felloship for Research Project at University of Toronto

  • Max Planck Fellowship

  • DAAD Prize for International Scholar, TU Munich, Germany, 2012

  • Guinness World Record for “the smallest Man-Made Jet Engine”

  • DSM Science and Technology Award, Zurich, Swizerland


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